Jim can be said to be a man of many talents.

I'm still working on my report.

I think we should buy a new car.

After Sunday comes Monday.

I want to hear what everyone has to say.

Don't do that again.


About four years ago my Achilles tendon started to hurt and I was told it was Achilles tendonitis.


It is not very polite, either.

No man is wise at all times.

Have I convinced you?

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We're going to be aggressive.

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Try to be playful when you write sentences, as this forum isn't an office!

Travis is a reliable person.

Never again would she be curious about the city.

Sean is never going to let me go.

Life is hard for everybody.


I shouldn't have to give a speech.


You would not have needed to take a taxi.


This work doesn't pay.

I've been waiting for you since two o'clock.

I thought I heard you.

I shouldn't have given Howard my phone number.

His novels are too deep for me.


Should I talk to her?


You should do all you can to help your neighbours.


They're listening.

The man awakens the boy.

She carried that habit to her grave.


What place do you want to go to?

He's almost always in the hospital.

His latest musical pieces are just variants of his earlier work.


We have plans to do that.


They seem to be worrying about nuclear weapons.

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As I've just explained, Joshua won't be going to Boston.

I'm not the only one who thinks Brent is beautiful.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun.

This house is free of rent.

The more I studied psychology, the more interesting I came to find it.

How good is he?

I'm not going to tell him that.

Jackye pressed one of the buttons.

I told her exactly what I saw.

It's not going to get any better.

Sanity always checks to verify that no dyes are in any food he buys.

Would you come with us, sir?

Spring is the season that Lucy likes best.

These games are listed under the adult category.

Feast your eyes on this.

I don't need you looking over my shoulder.

He has a ball on his foot.


The baby is able to walk.

We've been horsing around too much; it's high time we got down to brass tacks.

When's your first class?

I'll be with you right now.

He went to the United States to study English.

I didn't wind the clock last night.

Piotr offered Page a glass of champagne.

Could you give me your phone number?

It is the hen that makes the rooster crow.

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They were at the bottom of the scheme.

I love Marie and I'm pretty sure that he loves me.

I am cooking the lunch.


That was his catchphrase.

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You must take care of us.


When you've finished reading the book, I'd like to borrow it.

Do you like geraniums?

This advice of yours will go a long way toward solving the problem.


I came from China.


I wish that Tareq would join our team.


This ticket will admit two persons free.

My girl friend ought to be here by this time.

And here's the problem.

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We're lucky Ann is here to help.

We die whether we make money or not.

The children were playing in the backyard.

Penny is the only one with a camera.

I'm waiting for Kory to tell me what to do.

I am not surprised at all.

I walked the dog in spite the rain.

There were two famous artists at the hotel.

We're not used to it.

I'd prefer not to comment on that now.

I hate living alone.


You know some Japanese.


They made short work of Markku's case and sent him off to prison.

Do we have anything I can snack on?

He is still green in business.

I came with my friends.

Sandra should eat something.

The good driver wove his way through the traffic.

Norma flew in from Boston that night.

How much does he pay for gas each month?

Arthur touched his hat in greeting.

Most jellyfish stings aren't deadly, but many are pretty painful nonetheless.

I shortened my speeches.

An agreement between European countries is needed.

Let's go for Chinese.

It seems, from books, that the colonizers and adventurers went sailing off to a new fine life, a new country, opportunities, and so forth.

I'm sure I'll manage.

Why are you not listening to me?

Milk is a popular beverage.


I hope that you will enjoy this sentence.

If something happens, feel free to call me.

Daniele is living abroad.


The air is wonderful in the woods.

Jisheng's covering something with his right hand.

Get real, will you?

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Gigi told Slartibartfast she had a nice smile.

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How could you have let it happen?


She's not his girlfriend?


Nowadays, we can navigate with just a smart phone.

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I prefer soft drinks without sugar.


I want to spend all my time with you.


Clara is wearing a mask.

Saad felt amazing.

I thought I was doing it your way.

I got extraordinary grades.

According to the bus driver, it wasn't an accident.


All you have to do is go there.

Have you started studying for the exam?

You might need professional help.

Neal needs to see you in ten minutes.

He leaned over her and said, "No, I'm not lying."

I thought we all had plans tonight.

He gave me money as well as advice.


An often bankrupt developer of real estate repeatedly claims that his companies are enormously successful, while two lawsuits characterize his so-called university as a fraudulent enterprise.

A mouse went for a walk on the table.

The police can't arrest them.

Phillip is married and has three children.

They have to repair their car.

I'd prefer to speak French.

We decided not to have peace negotiations with the invaders.


I'm not going anywhere with Panzer.

Tell him that I'm ready.

They importune their parents for money.


She and hers are all very well.

What does it cost?

How are you going to help them?


As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with his plan.


Maurice has a bicycle.


The director used his power to arrange a special place in the cinema world.


It would be better if you stayed with Farouk.

I can teach English.

You made a good decision.

I still write songs.

I hope we meet again.

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Is there life beyond the solar system?

He gave her a kiss on the hand.

Shankar is mowing his lawn.

Spencer is kind to Dustin.

The car cut to the left.

I still need to finish my homework.

Julie took three weeks off.

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Trent waited for Patricio to say something, but she remained silent.

But for his help, I might fail.

That's all I've been able to find out so far.